"Thank you so much for being such a great resource for production. Your team is so professional and easy to work with even at the ninth hour. I used to be a TV producer, and I must say that I am probably more critical of production than the average AE. The quality of the commercials you produce are top- notch. Not only that, everyone at Dakota is a dream to work with.

The selection of spots that you offer meet all our needs from high energy to branding. Your creativity and execution of new ideas has truly exceeded my expectations, and I appreciate that so much. It’s difficult to get auto dealers on the air and even harder to keep them sometimes. I get the sense that you feel my pain. Every time you and your people hit the ball out of the park, you make me look so good. You are my go-to production house for the auto industry! I hope that more AE’s use your services." - Kim (Atlanta, GA)

"I would like to express how happy I am to have this business to use for my clients who never know what they want to do month in and month out on advertising their business. My car dealer who uses Dakota Video is overjoyed that they do not have to think of what they are going to do this month for creative. Every month it was always a hassle for them to sit around and try and come up with some idea for a new spot. 

Thankfully, for my clients, all they have to do now is go to Dakota Video’s site to view their spots to see if there is something that they could use for their upcoming month of advertising. For me this is a win-win for the client. It takes the stress away from the clients that are extremely busy and really do not have the time to sit around and create something new. I would rather have my clients look to Dakota Video as opposed to them not wanting to advertise anymore because they think it’s bothersome to have to come up with new ideas all the time. Busy clients will keep advertising if they do not have to work so hard to think of new creative ideas. 

As an AE who is always looking for new ways to help my clients grow their business and to be as problem free as possible, I would recommend Dakota Video for new ideas for busy clients. To me, happy clients equal more money! And more money equals Dakota Video."  - Daina (Thibodaux, LA)

"Dakota Video’s process makes everything easy and seamless. It’s always a struggle to find new creative and get everything ready on time. Now, I have production lined up and approved before I even meet with a dealer about a buy, something that never happened before. The Dakota staff easy to communicate with and take a lot of pressure off me by making sure everything for the spot is organized. Their turnaround time is hard to beat and they always seem to be on top of everything." - Rita (New Bedford, MA)

"I was introduced to Joy at Dakota Video a few years ago through John Paul’s Buick GMC who was working directly with Dakota Video on a “Credit Challenged” campaign. They worked directly with the client, to be sure that the message was exactly as he wished. I was very impressed with the quality of the commercial and the quick turnaround time. Most importantly, the final spot was provided to us on time, as planned. The client was pleased with the campaign and I plan to recommend production by Dakota Video again to this client as well as other car dealers in our area."  - Kay (Milwaukee, WI)

"Dakota Video has become a valuable tool in producing quality spots for my automotive clients. They have been working with my top dealer for almost ten years. Just this last year, I have had four more dealers start working with them and plan to add more. Dakota Video’s quick turnaround time means they are always there for me when I’m in a bind. Even though they are not a local company, they always get spots done when I need them. I have had a long history with Dakota Video and plan on having a long future." - Ernie (Mansfield, OH)

"I’ve been working with the Dakota Video team since March of 2012. To this point, it’s been an absolute pleasure working with them for my automotive production needs. They have successfully executed multiple campaigns for quite a few of my dealers. Great creative plays a key role in the automotive industry. Dakota’s solid creative has certainly helped me garner a greater share with the clients for which they produce.

The start to finish process is easy and works well with my busy schedule. The turnaround times are fantastic, which is key in this fast-paced industry. The service I receive from the staff is also exceptional. I would highly recommend the Dakota team to any AE looking to make a difference for their dealers. They deliver dynamic, high-quality creative quickly and affordably." - John (Clarksburg, WV)

"Working with you has solved a major issue I had with the advertising for Blackwell Motors. One of the hold ups for Blackwell was the creative end, needing ideas and wanting something that stands out, but the major issue was to “make the process easier for him” and Dakota Video has done it!

The system for the client is wonderful, they simply watch the ads and choose the ad they want customized for their dealership. You have made the process quick and easy for the client as well as the AE, and you’re always willing to help with any questions. And, the turnaround for a completed ad is amazing! The ads are excellent and affordable - they basically sell themselves - and we all know when a client wants to make a change to a sample ad, the deal is closed! Thanks for being a new member of my personal team!" - Gayla (St. Louis, MO)

"The website is very easy to work with. Ken provides a wide variety of creative options specific for automotive clients, whether it is a large new car dealer or a small Buy Here Pay Here, Ken has something for everyone. His process is simple and seamless; he is all about helping the dealer achieve the desired objective to fit the style of each specific dealership and their target market. All of the spots are very professional and timely. He is well versed in co-op requirements and adds to the ease of that process as well. I have had nothing but positive feedback from my dealers who have used this creative option." - Torrie (Birmingham, AL)

"It has been my pleasure to work with Dakota Video for years, on multiple automotive accounts. Big Ken Sproles and his staff always produce high-quality work in a timely manner, and if edits are necessary, they are completed and submitted for approval quickly and efficiently.

As any advertising executive knows, automotive dealers can be very demanding, and Dakota Video meets the challenge with quality and speed. I also appreciate the ease with which Ken and his staff interact directly with my clients. My clients feel comfortable enough to contact Ken directly, freeing my time to concentrate on research, schedules, and proposals. I consider Dakota Video to be a valuable asset to my day-to-day operations, and plan to continue using their service." - Bridge (Atlanta, GA)