Dakota Donation Box

Dakota Donation Box.jpg

At any given time, you can find a great variety of projects and collaborations going on inside the walls of Dakota Video and Post. Day after day, the team members of Dakota, often referred to as “The Dakota Herd”, are putting ideas into motion, turning dreams into reality, and creating fresh and fascinating content to share with the world. As a part of this solid team, I wondered, what else can we offer?  

A few months ago, Curt (the courageous captain of the Herd) informed us that in every paycheck, we would receive one additional dollar as a kind gesture of appreciation. What we did with that dollar was completely up to us.  Some may not think much of a single dollar, but at that moment I was overcome by a wave of great potential! I had been searching for something, like this divine key to gain access to improving our community and benefitting the world around us, and here it was - simply being handed to us! 

After a bit of sorting through my scattered brain, I proposed the idea to gather up all of our dollars as a team and passing these dollars onto non-profits and local charities every month. The Dakota Herd is a rather small group, so the total may not be what you’d call extravagant, but I’m a true believer in tiny changes resulting in BIG change. So of course, without any hesitation, the Herd delightfully agreed to join in! 

Next, I asked everyone to write down local charities that were important to them, and from there we would pick a new organization off the list each month. As of today, the Dakota Herd has managed to raise funds for The Compass Center and Lunch Is Served. This month, we’re excited to start collecting dollars for our downtown neighbor, Embe! These are all non-profit organizations that work diligently to help enhance lives and make improvements within our community. Now that’s a mission we are all proud to support at Dakota Video and Post!