Welcome to Dakota Video!

We are excited to announce we are launching the Dakota Video blog. Our goal is to provide you with up to date marketing tips and tricks, the latest trends and insider info on what Dakota Video is up to!

Since 1995, Dakota Video has been providing video ads for broadcast and digital. Our team of writers, producers, artists, editors and videographers makes your vision our goal. If you have an idea, we have a video to match it!

From our home in Sioux Falls, SD, we help clients all across the country deliver creative content through broadcast, social media, radio and other web-related content.

 Our primary market is automotive, and we help ensure that your commercials are co-op compliant. We work directly with automotive dealers, and we can work with top-level agencies and national media companies as a white-labeled video source.

However, we do MUCH more than just automotive ads. We are a full production house specializing in high quality videos with a fast turnaround. Whether it’s local video production, drone shots, banners, graphics, or creative commercial content, we can help your brand find its way to customers. 

Dakota Video takes great pride in our high-quality production that comes with a friendly, local feel. While we have evolved and changed throughout the years to keep up with technology, one thing hasn’t changed - our commitment to superior customer service.

From custom work to templated creative, we would love the opportunity to work directly with you to achieve your vision! We can’t wait to see what you’re looking for!