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At any given time, you can find a great variety of projects and collaborations going on inside the walls of Dakota Video and Post. Day after day, the team members of Dakota, often referred to as “The Dakota Herd”, are putting ideas into motion, turning dreams into reality, and creating fresh and fascinating content to share with the world. As a part of this solid team, I wondered, what else can we offer?  

A few months ago, Curt (the courageous captain of the Herd) informed us that in every paycheck, we would receive one additional dollar as a kind gesture of appreciation. What we did with that dollar was completely up to us.  Some may not think much of a single dollar, but at that moment I was overcome by a wave of great potential! I had been searching for something, like this divine key to gain access to improving our community and benefitting the world around us, and here it was - simply being handed to us! 

After a bit of sorting through my scattered brain, I proposed the idea to gather up all of our dollars as a team and passing these dollars onto non-profits and local charities every month. The Dakota Herd is a rather small group, so the total may not be what you’d call extravagant, but I’m a true believer in tiny changes resulting in BIG change. So of course, without any hesitation, the Herd delightfully agreed to join in! 

Next, I asked everyone to write down local charities that were important to them, and from there we would pick a new organization off the list each month. As of today, the Dakota Herd has managed to raise funds for The Compass Center and Lunch Is Served. This month, we’re excited to start collecting dollars for our downtown neighbor, Embe! These are all non-profit organizations that work diligently to help enhance lives and make improvements within our community. Now that’s a mission we are all proud to support at Dakota Video and Post!

Word Count Counts

The frugal script writer sees :30 of blank canvas and wants to squeeze in as much copy as possible, getting the maximum bang for their buck. This can often be more detrimental than productive. 

As a script writer, you may not actually be trying to set records with your word count, but you do want to use all the real estate you have available to its fullest potential – we get that. Video landscapes can vary from :06 to :15, :30, :60 or longer, but the intent for all is similar – they are trying to convey a message, not a laundry list of all the information.  But if you are finding that all the information just doesn’t fit, maybe a step up to a longer message is your solution. Splitting the information into two messages, airing in equal rotation, might be another answer.   

Believe me, your voice talent would love to work with fewer, not more words, so they can practice their craft and speak eloquently – giving emphasis to the words that need or deserve it.  There are several excellent word count tools out there, but a common rule of thumb is that approximately 75-80 words per :30 message is a comfortable read that lets the audio talent enunciate with the proper level of dramatization. Yes, you can fit more words into that :30 spot … but do you really want to? For a luxury brand message (Lincoln, BMW, etc.), an even lower word count allows the talent to really shine. If they have to speed through your Jaguar spot, making it sound like a tractor pull promo, you’re going to miss your mark.

Besides word count, here’s the best fail-safe way to determine if your copy is too long … read it out loud yourself! Close your office door if you like, or perform for the rest of the staff, but do it with feeling, the way you’d like it to sound on the air. If you’re having trouble getting through your script in :30, the announcer likely will too.

Cramming a script full of words is kinda like highlighting an entire paragraph – if it’s all highlighted, nothing stands out. Effective ad copy needs room to breathe.  Otherwise, your commercial comes off as one long, crowded, run-on sentence. Less is more!

- Written by Jeff Morlan (Production Manager)

Welcome to Dakota Video!

We are excited to announce we are launching the Dakota Video blog. Our goal is to provide you with up to date marketing tips and tricks, the latest trends and insider info on what Dakota Video is up to!

Since 1995, Dakota Video has been providing video ads for broadcast and digital. Our team of writers, producers, artists, editors and videographers makes your vision our goal. If you have an idea, we have a video to match it!

From our home in Sioux Falls, SD, we help clients all across the country deliver creative content through broadcast, social media, radio and other web-related content.

 Our primary market is automotive, and we help ensure that your commercials are co-op compliant. We work directly with automotive dealers, and we can work with top-level agencies and national media companies as a white-labeled video source.

However, we do MUCH more than just automotive ads. We are a full production house specializing in high quality videos with a fast turnaround. Whether it’s local video production, drone shots, banners, graphics, or creative commercial content, we can help your brand find its way to customers. 

Dakota Video takes great pride in our high-quality production that comes with a friendly, local feel. While we have evolved and changed throughout the years to keep up with technology, one thing hasn’t changed - our commitment to superior customer service.

From custom work to templated creative, we would love the opportunity to work directly with you to achieve your vision! We can’t wait to see what you’re looking for!